Truth Out on HSCs!
An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it........... Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position........... First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi

Unmistakably Sangh: The National HSC and its Hindutva Agenda


Appendix B: Ekal Vidyalayas and the Hinduization of Tribals in India

  • Asked about the “service activities carried out by other organisations associated with the RSS”, Premchand Goel, Akhil Bharatiya Sewa Pramukh (All India Chief of Service work) of the RSS, mentions VHP running several Ekal Vidyalayas and Vidya Bharati (educational wing of the Sangh) 1 running “thousands of Ekal Vidyalayas”. 2
  • An Organiser report dated May 23, 2004 quotes Shyam Gupta, Joint General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Yojana Pramukh (Chief of Planning) of the Ekal Vidyalaya movement, as saying that “by the end of 2011, Ekal Vidyalaya karyakartas would reach every village where there is no facility to provide primary education to children.” 3
  • An Organiser report dated January 16, 2005 quotes Pravin Togadia, general secretary of VHP, as saying that “the VHP has decided to start Ekal Vidyalayas and other service projects in 25,000 villages of the country.” 4 The report also explains the rationale: “He said that the VHP wanted to expand its work in such a way that the Hindus, whenever the need arose, could foil any conspiracy in the society. He pointed out that 55,481 Samitis, 20,441 Satsang Kendras, 18,000 service projects and 11,000 Ekal Vidyalays were already being run by the VHP all over the country.”
  • In April 2005, a three-day Ekal Vidyalaya workers’ training camp organized by Sewa Bharati (service wing of the Sangh), and graced by RSS Sarkaryavah Mohan Bhagwat, VHP working president Ashok Singhal and Sadhvi Ritambhara ends with a “firm determination to raise the number of Ekal Vidyalayas to one lakh by the year 2011.” 5
  • In September 2005, the Organiser reported that the Vanbandhu Parishad (Friends of Tribals Society, “an organisation affiliated with the Sewa Bharti wing of the RSS” 6) was “going to set up Ekal Vidyalayas in 30,000 Vanvasi villages by the year 2007” 7
  • In a discussion of the VHP’s organisational network, a report in the May 21, 2006 edition of the Organiser quotes Champat Rai, joint general secretary of VHP as saying that “the VHP today had over 50,000 units across the country. Besides it, there are Bajrang Dal convenors at 40,000 places, 12,000 service projects and 19,000 Ekal Vidyalayas across the country.” 8
  • According to an Ekal Vidyalaya teacher: "We go for the RSS shakha meetings regularly. The teachers are selected only if they subscribe to the RSS way of thought." 9


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